From Jane

We had a breakthrough today! I felt more normal walking around today than I have in four years! (massage therapy)

From Tracy - TMJ disorder

Just wanted to share  with you an experience I had tonight -- as I was almost finished eating  my dinner, I realized that for the first time since I had that molar  pulled, I was able to eat without pain on my left side. Literally, I  dropped my fork and thought to myself, "I can't believe I'm just now  realizing that my jaw isn't hurting when I chew!" WOW!!!!

From Carol

As always, you helped me feel much, much better. The tightness in my left leg is gone and my upper back feels more relaxed. (Massage therapy, pain management for shoulder pain located in Burbank near Glendale, North Hollywood)

From Diana

Thank you for seeing me today.  You were great and I  feel much better than when I walked in. I have this wonderful feeling of  buoyancy that has been missing for days.

Pain Management - From Pat

On the Monday and  Tuesday after my session with you, oh my gosh, I felt so much energy and  felt so good, I haven't felt so good in a long time. I was up early and  ready to go, and had so much positive energy the whole day I was  surprised and totally noticed a difference. 

From Irene

I just want you to know that I felt absolutely terrific after our session, and my body aches went away!

Medical Massage Office Dog

From Geoff

A day after seeing you the shooting pains in my neck were gone and I felt like I had a new lease on life. (pain management)

From Patrick

Just thought that I would let you know that I am experiencing a marked improvement in circulation and overall pain and pain management. Thank you. It usually takes about 12 hours  for your work to settle in, but once it does the relief is enormous. My neck is feeling much looser today, cricking and cracking at will. 

From Rob

Just wanted to let  you know that the massage, reiki and tmj treatment was most enjoyable.  The atmosphere at your office, it very soothing and serene, with great  feng shui. My back feels much, much better, I feel much lighter,  overall, have more energy and enthusiasm, and the Tinnitus has abated.

From Maggie

I think that you  actually try to understand where people's pain is coming from and work  on it and in that you are able to better channel the energy to heal us  (your patients). I really think you are an amazing therapist because you  don't just mask pain for an hour you actually are trying to heal and  give us the energy and power to keep healing ourselves after the visit.

My mom can testify that I was crying just about everyday in the month  of May because I had given up on the doctors and my body and the pain  and pressure in the ears and jaw was 24-hours. Since I started seeing  you and especially since the stillpoint and massage therapy. I've had  periods where Ill go 4-5 hours without pain and I am calmer through the  pain I do have. I am able to get around and feel my age for periods of  the day. And I have hope the best gift of all. Thank you Thank you!!!!! 

From Pat P

I wanted to tell you I felt so much better after my session with you. Thank you for all you do with your gifts of healing and helping others.

From Lisa

I just wanted to let you know - I’m moving around really well today!!  Yaaay!  Thank you for making me better!