Medical Massage & Trigger Point Therapy

What can I expect from Medical Massage?

As I mentioned on the home page, your massage will be a combination of modalities which may include Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage Therapy and Myofascial Release. The massage is similar to what you might experience at physical therapy when they do manual work, but I have the luxury of spending more than just a few minutes on your problem areas. 

I also find the connections or pathways of dysfunction that you may not even be aware of, ultimately releasing the muscles and soft tissue from the origination site as well as from where you feel the pain.

Your massage should result in you feeling increased circulation, improved range of motion and more relaxed. Your pain and discomfort should begin decrease, if not immediately, then within a couple of days after your therapy. 

You might be sore after your session because massage therapy causes some inflammation. This is easily managed with ice or over the counter pain medication. Once the soreness goes away, you should feel the effects of the massage and your pain levels should drop. 

 (Back Pain, Burbank, North Hollywood, Glendale)


Often times the source of your pain is not just limited to tight muscles or trigger points. The initial cause of your pain may be due to bad posture or a muscular imbalance. If that is the case I may give you some stretches or exercises. I may go over ways to do self massage so you can keep up with the treatment between your sessions. My goal with homework is to give you tools to manage your pain and to move your forward as quickly as possible.