To put it simply, I just want to help people recover from pain.

I want to help my clients get their life back. Whether that is being able to lift a grocery bag or run a marathon, I strive to do the best I can to treat injuries and manage pain. I want to see my clients progress in their recovery, not go on a hamster wheel where they are dependent on treatment to get through the week.

I don't believe in hoarding clients so that means that if you don't see improvement after a few sessions I will refer you to another modality that I think will be a better fit for you. If I know someone in that field I will also refer you to them.

I listen to your feedback and use that information to create the best treatment plan possible. I try to think outside the box rather than just keep trying the same treatment over and over.

I look at the work I do with you as a team effort. I believe in the holistic philosophy that the body will heal itself and I see myself as a catalyst in that process.