The following is a general guide to ways you can alleviate pain. This is only my opinion, and only applies to muscular skeletal pain involving pulled or strained muscles or tendons.

Acute Pain

1. See a doctor

2. Use the R.I.C.E. method

R = rest

I =
ice (at least twice a day 10-15 minutes)

C =

E =

Massage therapy can help, but do not get a massage for 3 days.

Chronic Pain

1. See a doctor

2. Ice -
(at least twice a day 10-15 minutes)

3. Moist heat. Try 10 minutes ice, then 10 minutes heat for a few rounds. It can work wonders.

4. Consult a physical therapist or research what exercises will help you build strength in the area where you are experiencing pain. Don't do an exercise that causes pain while you are doing it. Ice after exercise.

5. Take epsom salt baths. You can find epsom salts at the drug store.

6. Massage therapy, especially Trigger Point therapy can greatly reduce pain.

7. Ice again. Ice after massage therapy too. Then take an epsom salt bath.

8. Stretch...don't force anything!

9. Supplements. MSM is a great supplement to take for pain. MSM occurs naturally in the body, so you can take it without any side effects. I usually take more than what they prescribe on the bottle. MSM promotes the development of collagen and helps to repair the muscle skeletal system.

10. Once you are pain free, be cautious when exercising. It is really easy to re-injure yourself, so start slow!

Chronic pain can cause a tremendous amount of stress and frustration. One thing I've learned is to remain calm, and know that I will recover. It's crucial to keep a positive attitude. Take life one day at a time. Pain sufferers quickly learn what it feels like to 'be in their body', and symptoms can change daily. Address your symptoms each day. Ice is the best anti-inflammatory you can use. I used to hate ice, but now it's the first thing I turn to when I feel the slightest bit of pain coming on. Ice is your friend.

I hope that my suggestions help you, if you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at: