Case Studies

Scott's Complete Case Study - In his words

Before I found Reiki I was plagued with chronic, non-arthritic joint pain. In addition I had symptoms of muscle spasms (twitching) and excessive cracking of joints.   The joint cracking is best described as the feeling when your knuckles crack, except I felt it in my ankles, knees, wrists, shoulders, hips, neck, and low back. The overall condition made even the most mundane daily activities difficult to impossible and severely affected my ability to sleep.  

I exhausted all efforts to find help via the use of Western medicine. I consulted with doctors of internal medicine, osteopathy and an orthopedist.   The tests done were all normal and revealed no arthritis or abnormal causes. I was prescribed several prescription drugs to help: Darvocet, Vicodin, prescription Ibuprofen, Amytryptaline, Nortryptaline, and Relafen. All but Relafen either had severe side effects (e.g. dizziness. nausea) and/or did not work at all.   Only Relafen worked but after six weeks it too became useless. I could not even take supplements such as Calcium without having a worsening of symptoms. It appeared as though my body would reject any attempt to use an oral intervention.

I finally gained some relief after seeing a rheumatologist. He put me on a twice daily dosage of prescription Naproxen (generic name for Naprosyn and Aleve), and recommended I begin walking to work up to one hour walks.   This was his only treatment plan used for patients with similar symptoms.   Unfortunately I was unable to begin using the gym for treadmill walking as any attempts to walk, even for minimal amounts, seemed to bring more pain. I found that the Naproxen worked up to 100% on the muscle spasms, up to 50% on the joint pain, and no help with cracking joints. However, in comparison to the other medicines, this one seemed like the answer.

Unfortunately, this treatment plan too fell short. After months of taking Naproxen I began experiencing a reoccurrence of joint pain, mostly noticed in the hip area. I became alarmed when I read about studies on taking medications such as Naproxen (known as NSAIDS). Their results indicated the taking NSAIDS over time leads to destruction of cartilage, especially in the hips ! Essentially the short term pain relief gained ended up being harmful to the body in the long run. When the rheumatologist would not alter his treatment plan I knew that I had to find another solution.

I began researching alternative medicine on the internet which is where I learned about Reiki therapy. I found Laura Sadler and began one hour Reiki sessions as a last resort.   Thankfully I noticed a reduction of pain after just one session. After two treatments I tapered off the Naproxen and have not taken it since. Coincidentally, I felt improvement in hip pain the day I started tapering off. Continued Reiki has all but cured the joint pain ailment.   Additionally, it returned my body to a state where I am now able to take supplements to help with symptoms. I can occasionally take Ibuprofen, prescription or regular strength, if there is any significant pain felt. (Luckily none has been taken in months since the last Reiki treatment)   In addition I have had good results using Sam-E and Glucosamine to help lubrication of joints, and reduction of joint aching and cracking joints. Coral Calcium has helped to control muscle spasms, especially during sleep.

Another added benefit from Reiki has been the ability to start on rehabilitation using the treadmill. I have been able to start slow and work up to longer and faster walks. I have also been able to do some safe exercises to help build up low back and leg strength. In time I hope to eventually return to regular gym workouts.

Thanks to Laura Sadler and Reiki therapy I now live a more normal, pain-free, and medication-free life.