Case Studies

Joint Pain


Problem: I worked with Scott for about 4 months. He had pain in almost every joint in his body. He'd had tests done by a Rheumatologist and they all came out negative for arthritis. He'd been on medication, but the effects were waring off, as if he'd built up a tolerance. After 4 months of weekly treatment, his joint pain resolved, but he had twitching problems in his calves and he was taking supplements to alleviate those symptoms. He wanted to put his case study in his own words and he included a long version as well:

Before I found Reiki I was plagued with chronic, non-arthritic joint pain and related symptoms.   I exhausted all efforts at treating this condition after one year of conventional treatments produced only limited success.   As a last resort I tried Reiki therapy.   After just one treatment I felt a noticeable reduction of pain.   After two treatments I tapered off my daily prescription medication and have not taken any more since.   Continued Reiki has all but eliminated any joint pain.   It has also allowed me to begin using gym workouts for further rehabilitation.   

Thanks to Laura Sadler and Reiki therapy I now live a more normal, pain-free, and medication-free life.

Shoulder/Neck Injury


Problem: Gordon was a teacher for over 20 years and always felt tight in his shoulders. Shortly after he retired, his problem escalated. His neck and shoulder on the right side became so tight and painful that he lost most of his mobility. He couldn't even look over his shoulder to check traffic when he was driving.

He went to his regular doctor who prescribed Physical Therapy and gave him some muscle relaxers. They also did an MRI and discovered spinal stenosis in his cervical spine. In the midst of his physical therapy, he developed migraine headaches, so they sent him to acupuncture. The acupuncture cured the headaches, but he was still at square one with the tightness and pain. He came to see me at the hospital as a Reiki patient and when I laid my hands on him I knew immediately that he needed massage and trigger point therapy.

Treatment: 30 minutes of deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy once a week.

Results over four months of treatment:
The first treatment only relieved his symptoms for a couple of days. I then gave him neck stretches to do as homework. After a few treatments, he began to have longer lasting results, his mobility was increasing and his pain was decreasing.

He went from a 7-8 on the pain scale to about a 5 over approximately a two month period. Then his headaches returned. They were as painful as the ones he'd experienced when he went to physical therapy. I concentrated on his occipitals and the back of the neck to try to relieve the pain. When he started treatment with me, he was taking a couple muscle relaxers a day, but when he got down to a 5 on the pain scale, he was only taking them as needed. When the headaches came on, he went up to 3 a day to deal with the pain. It took 3 or 4 sessions to get the headaches under control. Gordon was then able to cut back on the medication. From that point forward, Gordon got most of his mobility back, no longer having trouble looking over his right shoulder when driving.

Due to other obligations, in the last 2-3 months of his treatment, he hasn't been able to see me consistently. Even so, he hasn't had any major relapses and is at a point where he can exercise without any problems. He was unable to do yard work and now he can without a second thought. There are still a couple of spots we are working on, but Gordon is about 90% better and will be able to see me on an as needed basis in the next couple of weeks.


Herniated Disks in Lower Lumbar


Problem: Bulging discs in the lower lumbar. She was in a car accident 20 years ago and the pain has recently increased and she began to experience shooting pain down the front of her thighs to her knees. She had an MRI and it showed the bulging discs, and also a couple of small benign tumors on the left side of her spine near the area of the bulging discs. Evy is generally a very active person and has found her debilitating condition is making her feel depressed. She is on Bextra a medication for pain and inflammation.

35-40 minutes of deep tissue massage and myotherapy, 20-25 minutes reiki on affected area.

Results after first treatment:
The shooting pain in her thighs vanished almost completely. Her pain had been at a 10 on the scale of 0-10 and it had decreased to about a 5. She still had a little bit of shooting pain on the left side, but it was much more manageable. Evy was able to start moving her body a lot more and subsequently she is feeling happier and hopeful that she can recover.

Results after third treatment:
The shooting pain is gone, now the pain is localized at the point of injury. Even so, she has been able to start a light workout.

Results after two months: Evy is almost pain free. She has some tightness in her left hip socket. Evy had a relapse after one of her first strenuous workouts, but the pain never returned to the front of her legs. She is now able to do her workout at full speed and she is slowly increasing her amount of exercise. I have continued with myotherapy and deep tissue as well as reiki. If Evy continues to be pain free, I will adjust the massage to help her maintain and continue to be pain free and add sports massage.


Tinnitus and Sudden Hearing Loss


Problem: Linda experienced sudden hearing loss in her right ear about 3 years ago. Fortunately, she didn't lose all of her hearing, but it was enough to be a nuisance. Shortly after the incident, she developed Tinnitus (ringing in the ear). When she arrived for her first appointment, she said the ringing was about a 4 on a scale of 0-10, 0 being lowest.

One hour Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and Reiki therapy sessions, once a week.

Results after first treatment: The ringing went from a 4 to a 2.

Results after second treatment: The ringing went from a 2 to a 1-1.5.

Results after third treatment: No change. So far, there has also not been any change in her ability to hear better in her right ear. I've referred her to the House Ear Institute to look into the hearing issue, she will continue to see me for work on the Tinnitus.

Results after fourth treatment: The ringing decreased to .5. Linda still hasn't had any increase in her hearing, but she is open to getting a hearing aid now that her Tinnitus is almost gone.

Results after fifth treatment: The ringing has stabilized at .5, but she says that she doesn't really notice it unless she tries. She also reports that her hearing has improved slightly.


Irregular Menstrual Cycle


Problem: Dahlia had been having her period about every 3 months. At one point she even went 9 months without her period. When she came to me she told me she wanted to work on that, but she also just felt like she was stuck in a rut in her personal life. When she came for her first treatment, her period had not come in 3 and a half months.

One hour Reiki therapy sessions, once a week.

Results after second treatment: She started her menstrual cycle.

Results after sixth treatment: Her menstrual cycle came again in 32 days. Dahlia's personal life had also changed dramatically in that time. She told me that throughout the changes, she felt a sense of inner strength that she had never experienced before in her life. The Reiki treatments made it easier for her to cope with the stress of the changes.

Final Results: Due to Dahlia's schedule, she was unable to come weekly since her last period. Even so, her next period was also on time and they have continued to be regular.




Problem: Angela began experiencing jaw pain six weeks before she came to see me. She had to take Nyquil to go to sleep and would still wake up at am with pain. She was taking 1600 mg+ of Advil every day. The pain started out on the right side of her face and then progressed to both sides. She was having pain when eating or smiling as well.

50 minutes massage therapy, which included myotherapy. 10 - 15 minutes of Reiki treatment as well. I worked on her upper back, around the shoulder blades and the neck, SCM muscle, head, jaw etc.

Angela came to see me 4 times, 3 in one week. She is now pain free!

Results after first treatment:
The pain went away on the right side completely.

Results after second treatment:
Angela was in terrible pain the day after her second treatment and told me she must have taken 15 Advil. When she arrived for her 3rd appointment, she was pain free.

Results after third treatment:
The only pain she had was just a little bit on her left lower teeth. She hasn't had to take Nyquil or Advil.

Results after fourth treatment:
Angela is pain free and is now on a maintenance program with me.


Severe TMJ, Mastoiditis, Tinnitus


Problem: TMJ, Tinnitus, and Mastoiditis. Maggie had surgery on her cervical spine in April of 2002. After the surgery she developed TMJ, Tinnitus in both ears and Mastoiditis that made her so dizzy that she couldn't drive or work. She has TMJ so badly that she cannot eat solid food and she has to take sleeping pills to sleep because the Tinnitus is so loud. She was also unable to sleep on either side because of the volume of the ringing.

Treatment: Maggie is under the care of medical doctors and was unable to come regularly at first, but she came about every week and a half. She is now able to come twice a week and since she has a lot of healing yet to do, results will be updated as she continues treatment.

I use Massage Therapy on her upper back, neck, head, face and jaw. I also use Reiki Therapy on her head, ears, and jaw.

After first treatment, Maggie was able to drive again, but only short distances. After the 2nd treatment, the Tinnitus was gone from the right ear. Her jaw would feel so good after our sessions, she attempted to eat solid food on 2 occasions, both which led to her jaw locking. We've decided that she should not try to eat solid food even when she feels good for now to avoid this complication. She had to get a cortisone shot after the second time her jaw locked.

The Tinnitus in her left ear has decreased during treatment but has not gone away completely. She was able to take a nap after her 3rd treatment without the use of sleeping pills, and she continues to feel more clarity, less dizzy and is able to drive herself around town. She can sleep now sleep on her right side.

A detailed case study document is now available. Since treatment is ongoing this document will be updated on a regular basis.

Maggie's comments/testimonial


Anxiety and Panic Attacks


Problem: Anxiety and Panic attacks. Sondra lost her ability to drive more than a couple miles on her own since the attacks. This has also interfered with her ability to work.

45 minutes of Reiki and 15 minutes Massage therapy.

Results as of November 7, 2003:
Sondra has completely recovered. She is working again and able to drive without experiencing any panic or anxiety.

Results as of August 25, 2003:
I've been seeing Sondra once a week since the middle of July and she has made great improvement. She is now able to drive short distances and she got a job near her home. At first, I was doing just Reiki treatments for an hour and then Sondra wanted to add some Massage therapy to her treatment. Once I did this, she began to have short anger spells the day after treatment. I think her anger may be a link to why she is experiencing anxiety and panic attacks.

Results as of September 9, 2003:
Sondra's panic/anxiety attacks appear to under control. Her anger spells have stopped completely and I'm now doing shorter Massage treatments on her and spending more time doing Reiki.


Chronic Headaches and Numbness in Fingers


Problem: Chronic headaches, poor circulation in hands and numbness in the fingers. Patrick was in a car accident 5 years ago and his main complaint is that he has a constant headache ranging from a 3 to a 9 on a scale of 0-10, 10 being highest. He is also having problems related to wrist and elbow injuries that occurred over 15 years ago.

50 minute massage therapy on upper back, neck, head, arms and hands, 10 minutes Reiki therapy. I used deep tissue massage and trigger/pressure point therapy.

Results as of September 15, 2003: Patrick has recovered from his back pain muscle spasms and numbness in his hands. He still complained of headaches around the Occipital part of his head. Headaches in that area are common in people who suffer from TMJ or from jaw clenching. Further examination in areas of the SCM muscle and myofascial pressure points confirmed my theory that his pain was due to clenching of the jaw and Patrick confirmed that he notices that he does that. I then changed his treatment to Myotherapy and since then Patrick has completed treatment.

Results as of August 25, 2003:
I've seen Patrick about 5 times now and he has all the feeling back in both hands. At first, the feeling came back in all his fingers except his thumbs. By the 5th treatment he was no longer experiencing numbness in any of his fingers. His headaches are at more manageable levels, around 3-4.

Results as of September 24, 2003: I started using a technique I've been learning called Myotherapy to deal with Patrick's headaches. After his last treatment, his headaches have been down to a level 1 and his only complaint now is neck pain.

Patrick was experiencing muscle spasms throughout his entire back when he laid down to receive massage. I addressed the problem by using only pressure point massage until the spasms ceased. At Patrick's last 2 visits, the spasms did not occur and I was able to do Swedish and Deep Tissue massage and I continued to use pressure point therapy as well. I also brought the focus back to his wrists and arms where his symptoms are appearing to be almost identical to those that are experienced by Tendinitis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome sufferers.

Patrick's comments


Chronic back pain


Problem: Chronic pain in upper back and around shoulder blades for over 3 years. The condition is due to bad ergonomics in his work space which had been fixed at the time of his first appointment. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being highest, pain was from 7-10.

Treatment: Deep Tissue massage twice a week for 2 weeks, then once a week for 3 months.

Results: Pain on right side under shoulder blade was gone. After 3 months of treatment the pain reduced to a 2-3 on the left side of upper back and shoulder.


Migraine Headaches


Migraine headaches that start at the neck.

1 hour Reiki Therapy once a week for 4 weeks. Client was unable to stay on a regular schedule, but continued treatment 2 more times after a 3 week period.

Results: Headaches ceased after first treatment. Headaches returned when her stress level increased during the 3 weeks that she didn't receive treatment. When she came back, headaches ceased again.


Foot Injury


Problem: Pain in the ball of her right foot, started about 2 weeks before she came for treatment. The pain was due to her running shoes wearing out.

Treatment: Blanca had some swelling in her foot, so I had her ice before she came for her first appointment. I used massage and pressure points in and near the area of pain in her foot. I also did 10 minutes of Reiki Therapy on the area of pain. She came for 2 treatments and continued to ice. She also bought a new pair of running shoes.

Results: Blanca was pain free after the second treatment.




Problem: Sciatica on left side. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being highest, her pain was 2-3.

Deep Tissue massage and trigger point therapy on her lower back, hips and gluteus muscle.

Pain free after 1 treatment.