My clients often ask me how I became interested in doing Medical Massage. The answer is that I too have experienced chronic pain from sports injuries and from working at the computer. Before I became an MT, I was a graphic artist and I developed terrible shoulder pain from bad posture. I didn't realize that was the reason at the time and I suffered with the pain for over 9 months before I finally did something about it. That was the catalyst that made me decide to change careers. I believe that if I can get out of pain, then I can help others to do the same. Once I realized this, I went to massage school and upon graduating, started my practice in 2003.

Other injuries I've had include a knee injury which incidentally became my first experience living with chronic pain. After limited success with physical therapy, I tried acupuncture and learned self massage. I lived with the pain for 2 1/2 years before I tried alternative treatments. Once I found the right modalities, it only took 4 short months before I was pain free.

Unfortunately. my story of injuries and chronic pain doesn't end there... in 2007, shortly after I returned to my favorite sport, horseback riding, I suffered a bad fall and was disabled for a few months. I was forced to put my practice and riding on hold while I healed. The injury was mainly to my low back, the SI joint to be exact, and it effected my leg and hip as well. Luckily there were no broken bones, but my sacrum was out of place and it took a lot of work to stabilize the joint and my hips. I received regular massages and was in and out of PT for 1 1/2 years. Fortunately, I was able to return to work and riding only 4 months after the onset of my injury.

The focus of my practice is to help people who suffer from chronic pain or injuries. I have discovered that Trigger Point Therapy is excellent for treating pain and I have had great success in healing my clients.

I have a BA in Psychology from UC Irvine, attended art school at UCLA and went to California Healing Arts College for my massage therapy certification. I have been a volunteer at an animal shelter in the past and I currently volunteer with the Griffith Park Rangers mounted unit. I also compete in jumping and dressage.

My articles have been published in Awareness Magazine, ByRegion Newsletter, National Chronic Pain Outreach Association Newsletter and the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) newsletter.

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